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Application type: Notice of proposal to hold a Public Procession

Licence Type
Public Procession

Torphichen Children's Gala Day Committee

Sale of Alcohol

Last Date for Representations
29 March 2023

Notice of Proposal to Hold a Public Procession under Section 62 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

Event type: Torphichen Children's Gala Day - Royal Proclamation
Location: Torphichen
Organisation Torphichen Children's Gala Day Committee
Date of Event: 09/06/2023
Start Time: 1900 hours
Numbers: 60+
Last date for representations to be received: 29/03/2023
Route: Assemble at Torphichen Community Centre car park, Bowyett. Turn right and walk along Bowyett and at the Square stop - 1st READING OF THE PROCLAMATION. Cross over Bathgate Road and proceed up the High Brae turning right into Westfield Road and stop - 2nd READING OF THE PROCLAMATION. Proceed down Westfield Road, turn right and walk down the Low Brae, cross over Bathgate Road and walk along Bowyett and at the end of Bowyett stop - 3rd READING OF THE PROCLAMATION. Proceed left and walk along Greenside and at the corner of Greenside/North Gate stop across the road from the Queen Elect's house - 4th READING OF THE PROCLAMATION

Representations about the above proposed procession should be sent by email or post to:
Licensing Team
West Lothian Council
West Lothian Civic Centre
Howden South Road
West Lothian
EH54 6FF

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Legislation Information

Civic Government (Scotland) Act, 1982, S.62