Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Tell Me Scotland. We hope these answers provide the information you require.

What is the Other Organisations area for on tellmescotland?

In January 2012, began publishing notices from Public Sector organisations in order to provide a wider range of public information and services across Scotland, bringing both local and national matters of public interest together into a single location.

Is the archived notice search the same as the live notice search?

Yes, it is the same type of search, however there is an option to search by ‘Active Date’ rather than by postcode.

How far back do Archived notices go?

For some Councils, notices will go back to July 2010. 

Can I only see the notices as a list?

No, on the ‘Listings View’ page there is an option to change to a ‘Map View’.  On the map, notices appear as balloons which you can click on to read a summary of the notice.  The map allows you to zoom in to any area you wish to see.

Can I search for Public Information Notices by address?

You can search for a notice by selecting the Council area and by entering a postcode, or by selecting the Council area and entering the street name in the keyword search.  You can also zoom into a particular address through the ‘Map View’.

Can I use the Route Notices function using addresses in different Council areas?

Yes, you can choose a route through any area in Scotland.  However please note that some Councils do not yet upload their notices to tellmescotland.  An increasing range of data will become available as more Councils begin uploading their notices.

Do I need to know the full address of my destination to use the Route Notices function?

No, if you type in the street name the site will automatically pull up the full address and postcode.

I have entered my postcode and selected the type of notice I want but it says there are no notices in my area. What should I do now?

You must select your Council area from the dropdown list as well filling in any other search field.  If this still does not show any results, there must be no live notices in your area – try searching in the archived notices.  Similarly, check that you are not in the archived notice search if it is a live notice you are looking for.  Please note that some Councils do not yet upload their notices to tellmescotland.  An increasing range of data will become available as more Councils begin uploading their notices.

Can I filter the results in the listings page to only see certain types of notices?

On the right hand side of the results page you will find filter buttons.  If you click on the red balloon you will see only Planning notices, on the purple balloon you will see only Traffic notices, on the blue balloon you will see only Licensing notices and on the green balloon you will see only General notices.  You can then choose to ‘Show All’ again.

How can I find out more information about a Public Information Notice?

To find out more information you should contact the Council directly.  There is a link to the Council's website at the bottom of most notices.  Some notices will also have a direct link to the full notice on the Council's website.  You can also click on 'Contact Us' at the bottom of each page, where you will find contact details for each Councils’ Planning, Licensing and Traffic departments.  Please note that messages sent to the Improvement Service about notice content will not be forwarded on to Councils. 

What should I do if I wish to object to a Public Information Notice?

The appropriate contact details can be found within each notice or through the links to Council websites.  The last date for objection is also provided.

Can I be notified of notices in my area as soon as they are published?

Yes, you can register and subscribe for alerts, either as an email or to your mobile phone.  These alerts are immediate and will be sent as soon as a notice matching your predefined requirements is published. 

Can I receive alerts for different Council areas?

Yes, the alert function enables you do add up to six different postcodes, from any area in Scotland you wish.  You can also alter the radius setting and choose what types of notices you would like to receive alerts for.

What happens to my information when I sign up for alerts?

We take the privacy of our users seriously and are committed to safeguarding your privacy. The information that you provide to us about yourself will only be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Please see the Terms & Conditions (link at the bottom of every page on the site).

How do I cancel my registration for alerts?

If you wish to cancel your registration then you can do this by simply signing in and choosing the cancel option.

Who is responsible for operating PINs?

At a local level it will primarily be the local Council and at a national level it will be the Improvement Service.