Stirling Council




The Order will introduce disabled parking as follows:-


19 Murrayfield Place, Bannockburn – TM/6 - SRO/2019(8)

75 Station Road, Bannockburn – TM/6 - SRO/2019(9)

14 Nelson Place, Braehead – TM/6 – SRO/2019(10)

23 Spey Court, Braehead – TM/6 - SRO/2019(11)

10 The Brae, Cambusbarron – TM/6 – SRO/2019(12)

10 Westerton, Cowie – TM/6 – SRO/2019(13)

42 Bannockburn Road, St Ninians – TM/6 – SRO/2019(14)

15 Pomaise Avenue, St Ninians – TM/6 – SRO/2019(15)

43 Irvine Place, Stirling – TM/6 – SRO/2019(16)

14 Park Terrace, Stirling – TM/6 – SRO/2019(17)


A copy of the Order, may be examined at the Council’s Offices, Environment and Place, Endrick House, Kerse Road, Stirling during office hours, by quoting the appropriate reference number.


Anyone wishing to question the validity of this Order, should write to the Court of Session within six weeks of 15-2-19. or

Legislation Information

The COUNCIL made The Stirling Council (On-Street Parking Spaces for Disabled Persons No’s 4-13) Order 2019 under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 on 15-2-19.