Stirling Council


Licensing - Including Processions

The Tin Shed
Knockraich Farm
By Glasgow
G63 0LN
Application type: Grant of an Occasional Licence

Licence Type
Premises Licence - 2005 Act

Catherine Taylor

Last Date for Objections
18 September 2020

Date of Event: 21 September 2020 to 4 October 2020
Type Of Event: Café Seating - Temporary additional space required for café seating while building works are taking place in the café. Due to the works and in order to remain open while also maintaining safe social distancing for our staff and customers, we propose to open the Tin Shed area, which at this time of year would normally be in use for weddings. With generous social distancing of 2m+ between tables we would have a maximum of 12 tables of 4 customers or equivalent (48 max) in the Tin Shed. We have an application in progress for a major variation to include this area within the café licence (0144) however this occasional licence is to cover for immediate building works and Covid-19 regulations. Table Service only - No Bar service Private function - Wedding (Covid-19 regulated number of invited guests only) In drawing L002 which details the layout plan of the farm and café, please refer to the area outlined in green as L004 - The Tin Shed as referred above. Detailed drawings of The Tin Shed are shown in L004. The Courtyard Café as currently licenced is outlined as L003 Although these drawings have been prepared for our major variation application, this occasional licence is only for the purposes detailed above and not intending to include outdoor loose seating as shown on the drawings.
Time for Sale of Alcohol: 11am until 9pm each day

Legislation Information

Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
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