South Lanarkshire Council



n Ladybank Court, Ladybank Gardens and Ladybank Place
East Kilbride

On 1 September 2021, South Lanarkshire Council made the above named Order, under the terms of the Road Traffic Act 1984, thereby introducing a restricted parking zone on Ladybank Court, Ladybank Gardens and Ladybank Place, all East Kilbride.

The Order which comes into operation on 25 October 2021, was advertised in the East Kilbride News in the week beginning 5 April 2021. The effect of the order is as previously stated. A copy of the Order and a map relative thereto are available for inspection on the council’s website.

Any person who wishes to question the validity of the order or of any provision contained in it on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or on the grounds that any requirement of that Act, or of any instrument made under it, has not been complied with in relation to the Order may, by 13 October 2021, apply to the Court of Session for this purpose.

Cleland Sneddon Chief Executive

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