South Lanarkshire Council



Hillhouse Road

On Monday the 29 July 2013 South Lanarkshire Council made an Order under Section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, as amended, which will make it unlawful for any person to drive or cause or permit to be driven any motor vehicle on the section of road specified in Schedule 1, by reason of road safety.



Schedule 1


Hillhouse Civic Centre Car Park from its junction with St Ninians Road to its junction with Clarkwell Road, a distance of 182 metres or thereby.

Local access to St Ninians Church will be maintained.



Diversion route


Clarkwell Road - St Ninians Road.



This Order will come into operation at 0800 hours on Saturday 31 August 2013 and will remain in operation until 1600 hours on Saturday 31 August 2013.