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The Scottish Borders Council (Various Roads – Spaces for People) (Temporary Speed Restriction) No 2 Order 2020 has been made under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended, with the consent of Transport Scotland where it relates to the trunk road network.  The Order, which has a maximum duration of 18 months, will come into force at 00:01 on 5 October 2020 and is expected to remain in effect for a period of 18 months. The Order is required for the Spaces for People initiative to make the lengths of road safer for cyclists and walkers.

When the Order comes into effect no person shall drive or cause or permit to be driven any vehicle at a speed exceeding 20mph along the entire length of those roads in the Scottish Borders detailed in the Schedule below. 

The temporary speed restriction will only be in effect when appropriate signage is in place on the affected lengths of road. 



Chief Legal Officer










C11 - southern boundary of Stow to northern boundary of Stow,

Church Wynd, Cockholm Crescent, Cotland Place, Craigend Road, Earlston Road,

Galashiels Road, Hay Park Loan, Lauder Road, Manor Park, Mill Court, Mill Road, Station Road,

Stow Cemetery Road, Townfoot, Wedale View, Burnside View, Hillside Terrace



Heriot Way, Shoestanes Road, Shoestanes Terrace, Old Stage Road



Fleming Place, Old Stage Road, Still Haugh



Bowland Road, Caddon Haugh, Caddonfoot Road, Cliff Road, Lairburn Drive, Leyden Grove,

Leyden Park, Meigle Row, Millbank Road, Muscat Brae, Old Vineries, Station Yard,

Thomson Court, Todburn Way, Valley View, Vine Street, Whytbank Row


Newtown St Boswells

Baillie Way, Bowden Road, Burn Brae, Davidson Place, Earlston Road, Dickson Drive,

Eildon Side, Eildon Terrace, Glenburn Avenue, Hawkslee Park, B6398 Main Street,

B6340 Main Street, U176-4 Mart Road, Langlangs Place, Melbourne Place, Monksford Court,

Monksford Road, Park Avenue, Park Crescent, Roxburghe Place, Sergeants Park,

Sprouston Road, Stewart Place, Tweedside Road, U190-4 Whitelee Road, U190-4 Eildon Road,

Waverley Place, Whitefield Crescent



Brunton Park, Church Road, Commonside, Dick Road, Feuars Park, B6398 Main Road,

North Riggs, Private Roads around the Green



Castle Terrace, C51 Eastfield Road, B6453 Main Road, Private Roads around the Green



B6400 Clerklands Road, Back Road, Main Street, Muselie Drive, McLean's Rigs,

Private Road - Hawthorn Cottage, U59/4 Midlem Mill



Abbey Court, Abbey Mill Park, Abbey Street, Annay Road, Buccleuch Street, Chiefswood Road,

Cloisters Road, Danielton Cottages Road, Dingleton Drive, Dingleton Road, Douglas Road,

Dundas Terrace, East Port, Eildon Crescent, Eildon Terrace, Eildon View, Fairways,

Fordel Gardens, Harleyburn Avenue, Harleyburn Court, Harleyburn Drive, High Cross Avenue,

High Road, High Street, Huntly Avenue, Huntly Road, Laundry Corner, Market Square,

Newlyn Drive, Newlyn Road, Ormiston Gardens, Ormiston Grove, Ormiston Terrace, Palma Place,

Priorwood Court, Priorswalk, Quarrydene, School Lane, Scott's Place, Scottsdale,

St Dunstan's Lane, St Dunstan's Park, St Mary's Road, Suspension Bridge Road,

Tweedmount Road, Waverley Road, Weirhill, Weirhill Place



Bakers Road, Brewster Place, Hoebridge East Road, Hoebridge Road West, B6360 Main Road,

Monkswood, Montgomerie Terrace, Orchard Gardens, School Wynd, The Loan, St Aidans Court,

Priors Road – Private, Main Street to The Orchard – Private, Main Street to Village Hall - Private




Abbotsford Grove, Abbotsford Road, Abbotsford Terrace, Aldie Crescent, Broomilees Road,

Coatburn Green, Fisher's Lane, Gilroy Gardens, Heiton Park, Huntlyburn Road, Lady's Walk,

Orchard Park, Smith's Road, Tower Road



B6361 B6361 at Main Street in Newstead to B6361 at Boundary of Health Board property,

Dean Park, Dean Place, Dean Road, Main Street, Rushbank, The Orchard, Townhead Way,

Eddy Road – Private, Back Road – Private, Claymires Lane - private, Hazeldean Meadow - private



Bristol Terrace, Abbots Place, Abbotsford Place, Abbotsford Road, Abbotsford Terrace

Abbotsview Court, Abbotsview Drive, Abbotsview Gardens, Albert Place, Annfield Gardens,

Aster Court, Balmoral Avenue, Balmoral Drive, Balmoral Place, Balmoral Road, Balmoral Terrace,

Balnakiel Terrace, Bank Close, Bank Street, Bank Street Brae, Barr Road, Beech Avenue,

Birks View, Boleside Road, Braw Lad's Brae, Bridge Place, Bridge Street, Broom Drive,

Catrail Road, Channel Street, Chris Paterson Place, Church Street, Clapperton Place,

Cochrane Place, Comely Bank Mill, Coopersknowe Crescent, Cornmill Square, Coulter Avenue,

Coulter Mews, Craigpark Court, Craigpark Gardens, Croft Street, Currie Road, Dale Street,

Davidson's Place, Dean Street, Douglas Place, Douglas Street, Duke Street,

Easter Langlee Industrial Estate, Eastlands Road, Eildon Lodge Gardens, Eildon Street,

Ellwyn Crescent, Ellwyn Terrace, Elm Grove, Elm Row, Forebrae Park, Forest Avenue,

Forest Crescent, Forest Gardens, Forest Hill, Forest Place, Forest Road, Gala Lane, Gala Park,

Gala Park Court, Gala Terrace, Gala Water Bridge, Galabank Street, Galafoot Lane,

Galafoot Road, Galahill Crescent, Galapark Gardens, Gibsons Close, Glebe Place,

Glendinning Terrace, Glenfield Avenue, Glenfield Crescent, Glenfield Road East,

Glenfield Road West, Glenfield Terrace, Green Street, Green Wynd, Greenbank Street, Hall Place,

Hall Street, Halliburton Place, Halliburton Terrace, Hawthorn Road, Hayward Drive, Heather Court,

Heatheryett Drive, High Buckholmside, High Road, High Street, Hill Street, Hillside Drive,

Huddersfield Street, Hunter's Bridge Road, Island Street, Johnston's Close, Kenilworth Avenue,

Kilnknowe Place, King Street, Kingfisher Grove, Kingsknowe Drive, Kingsknowe Gardens,

Kingsknowe Place, Kingsknowes Village, Kirk Brae, Knoll Park, Knoll Park Avenue,

Knoll Park Drive, Knoll Park Mews, Knoll Park Place, Knoll Terrace, Knowepark Gardens,

Ladhope Bank, Ladhope Crescent, Ladhope Drive, Ladhope Vale, Laidlaw Court,

Langhaugh Crescent, Langhaugh Gardens, Langlee Avenue, Langlee Drive, Langlee Road,

C77 Langshaw Road, Larch Grove, Larchbank Street, Larkspur Court, Laurel Grove,

Lawyer's Brae, Lee Brae, Lintburn Place, Lintburn Street, Livingstone Place, Low Buckholmside,

Magdala Terrace, Manse Court, Manse Street, Marigold Drive, Market Street, Marmion Road,

Meigle Street, Meigle View, Meikle Kemp Lane, Melrose Road, Mill Park, Mossilee Crescent,

Mossilee Road, Nether Road, Netherbank, Netherdale Brae, Netherdale Industrial Estate,

Oatlands Terrace, Overhaugh Street, Park Street, Parsonage Road, Paterson Street, Paton Street,

Penman Place, Plumtreehall Brae, Primrose Bank, Queen Elizabeth Drive,

Queen Elizabeth Square, Queen Street, Redpath Crescent, Riddle Dumble Park, Roberts Court,

Roberts Grove, Roger Quin Gardens, Rose Court, Rosebank Place, Roxburgh Place,

Roxburgh Street, Scott Crescent, Scott Street, Sime Place, St Andrew Street, St John Street,

Stable Gardens, Stanley Street, Station Brae, Stirling Place, Stirling Street, Talisman Avenue,

Tea Street, Thistle Street, Thornbank Street, Torwoodlee Road, Tweed Crescent, Tweed Grove,

Tweed Road, Tweed Terrace, Union Street, Victoria Street, Waverley Place, Wheatlands Road,

Whin Court, Wilderhaugh, William Law Gardens, Windyknowe Road, Winston Place,

Winston Road, Wood Street, Woodlea, Woodside Drive, Woodside Place, Woodstock Avenue,

Woodstock Road, Buckholm Mill Brae – Private, Wylie's Brae – Private,

Lucy Sanderson Cottage Homes – Private, Manse Place – Private, Westwood Gardens – Private



C83 Annfield Road, C84 Carfraemill Road, Heriot Field, Justice Park, Main Street,

St Cuthbert's View, Station Road

The Loan



Allanbank Gardens, Brownsmuir Park, Calfward Park, Castle Wynd, Cranston Crescent,

Cranston Road, Crofts Road, Factor's Park, Harryburn Road, Janefield Court, Janefield Rise,

Kirk Wynd, Lauderdale Drive, Loan View, Maitland Park, Maitland Road, Manse Road,

Market Place, Mid Row, Mill Wynd, Millburn Park, Old School Place, Scott Road, Smithy Croft,

South Gardens, Stonyford, Stow Road, The Avenue, The Loan, The Orchard, The Row,

Thirlestane Crescent, Thirlestane Drive, Under Loan Park, Upper Loan Park,

Whitlaw Road Industrial Estate, Wyndhead Steading, Wyndhead Way, A68 East High Street,

A68 West High Street, A68 Edinburgh Road



Kirkhope Cemetery Road, B7009 Main Road, Woodend Crescent, Woodend Road



C19 Hartwoodmyers Road, Cransfield Drive, Main Road, The Glebe, 

D94-2 Ashkirk Village Hall Road



Anderson Road, Ashybank, Back Feus, Back Row, Balnagowan Road, Bannerfield Drive,

Beechbank, Bemersyde Crescent, Bleachfield Road, Bobby Johnstone Green, Bridge Street,

Buccleuch Road, Buxton Road, Cannon Street, Castle Street, Castle Terrace, Chapel Place,

Chapel Street, Clifton Road, Corbie Terrace, Craig Brown Avenue, Craig Brown Road,

Curror Street, Deer Park, Douglas Place, Dovecot Lane, Dovecot Park, Dunsdale Haugh,

Dunsdale Road, Dunsdalehaugh Square, East Port, Eastfield Road, Elm Park, Elm Row,

Ettrick Park, Ettrick Road, Ettrickhaugh Road, Fairfield Crescent, Fairfield Drive, Forest Road,

Glebe Terrace, Goslaw Green, Goslawdales, Green Terrace, Haining Park, Hallidays Park,

Halywell Hill, Harrison Place, Heatherlie Park, Heatherlie Terrace, Heathpark Place,

High School Lane, High Street, Hill Street, Hillview Crescent, Humes Close, Kilncroft,

Kingsland Avenue, Kirk Wynd, Knowepark, Ladylands Drive, Ladylands Terrace, Ladyschaw Drive,

Ladywood, Lauriston Gardens, Leslie Place, Level Crossing Road, Linglie Road,

Loanside – Private, Market Place, Mavis Bank, Mill Street, Millburn Place, Montrose Place,

Mungo Park Court, Murison Hill, Murray Place, Muthag Court, Muthag Street, Old Bridge Road,

Park View, Peelgait, Priory Park, Raeburn Lane, Raeburn Meadow, Raeburn Place,

Riverside Road, Roberts Avenue, Rodgers Road, Rosebank Drive, Russell Place, Scott Crescent,

Scotts Place, Sentry Knowe, Shawburn Road, Shawpark Crescent, Shawpark Drive,

Shawpark Road, Shepherd's Mill, Souter Court, South Bridge Street, South Port, Spion Kop,

Station Road, Taits Hill, The Glebe, The Green, The Loan, The Tannery, The Valley,

Thirlestane Terrace, Thomson Court, Thornfield Avenue, Thornfield Crescent, Thornfield Terrace,

Victoria Crescent, Viewfield Lane, Viewfield Park, Weavers Court, West Port, Whinfield Road,

Yarrow Terrace, A7 southern boundary of Selkirk to Hillside Terrace, Hillside Terrace,

Tower Street, Market Place, Ettrick Terrace



U32-5 Main Street



Acorn Drive, Arnot Place, Ash Lane, Broomie Dell, Church Court, Crown Crescent,

Earlston High School Road, East End, East Green, Everest Road, Georgefield Road, Gun Avenue,

Gun Place, Gun Road, Gun Terrace, Halcombe Crescent, Haughhead Avenue, Haughhead Road,

High Street, Hope Knowe, Horsemarket, Huntshaw Avenue, Huntshaw Place, Huntshaw Road,

Industrial Estate, Jubilee Square, Kidgate, Leaderdale Crescent, Mill Road, North Summerfield,

Oakbank Road, Queens Way, South Croft Park, Station Brae, Station Road, Summerfield,

The Old Sawmill, The Square, The Green, Thornbank, Thornfield Crescent, Thornfield Road,

Turfford Park, West Summerfield, Westfield Place, Westfield Road, Westfield Street

A68 southern boundary of Earlston to Melrose Road, Melrose Road, Thorn Street

Lauder Road, A68 northern boundary of Earlston to Lauder Road


Abbotsferry Park, Abbotsferry Road, Abbotslea, Blakehope Court, Broadlee Bank, Brock Bank,

Carlin Court, Cherry Park, Cotgreen Road, Craw Wood, Essenside Drive, Essenside Place,

Haining Drive, Hareshaw Bank, Heathery Rig, Honeylees Drive, Jura Drive, Killie Court, Killie Croft,

Lady Moss, Loch View, Lochend, Lowood Park, Neidpath Court, Riverside Drive,

Shielswood Court, Stobshaw Place, Stobshaw Terrace, The Beeches, The Carry Wiel,

Tweedbank Avenue, Tweedbank Craft Centre – Private, Tweedbank Drive,

Tweedbank Industrial Estate, Tweedbank View, Tweedbank Village Centre, Tweedside Park,

Weavers Linn



U34-2 Minchmoor Road Yarrowford




Abbots Row, Bogan, Braeheads, Bridge Street, Christison's Brae, Crosslaw, Eyemouth Road,

Fisher's Brae, Hallbank, High Street, Lawfield, Manse Road, Priors Walk, B6438 Reston Road,

School Road, St Abbs Road, The Bow, U159-6 To Coldingham Manse, U154-6 Westloch Road,

Abbey Court – Private, Chariot Road - Private


St Abbs

B6438 B6438 at Boundary of St Abbs to St Abbs Harbour, Briery Dean, Briery Law,

Castle Terrace, Creel Court, Creel Road, East Brierylaw, Harbour Road, Murrayfield,

Seaview Terrace, West Brierylaw



C112 Chirnside Road, C114 Coveyheugh Road, Ladeside, Main Street, Station Park, The Orchard



Callander Place, Crofts Road, Croftsacre, Hoprig Park, Hoprig Road, Hoprig Square,

Lady Hall Road, C130 Main Road, The Square, Toll View



U148-6 West of Cove Village to Cove Village



Main Street, Mansefield



B6355 Chirnside Road, Beanburn, Berwick Road, High Street, Lawfield Drive, Old Town,

Old Town Vennels, Peelwalls Meadows, Shearlaws Road, St Andrew's Square – Private,

Summerhill Gardens, Summerhill Park, The Crofts, The Glebe, Tower Road, Welltower Park



A1107 at southern boundary of Eyemouth to A1107 at Toll Bridge Road in Eyemouth

A1107 at Toll Bridge Road in Eyemouth to A1107 north-western boundary of Eyemouth

Acredale Industrial Estate, Acredale Road, Albert Road, Armatage Street, B6355 Ayton Road,

Barefoots Avenue, Barefoots Crescent, Barefoots Drive, Barefoots Park, Barefoots Road,

Barefoots Way, Beach Avenue, Bennison Square, Broad Street, Brown's Bank, Buss Craig Place,

Buss Craig Road, Callercove Crescent, Callercove Way, Chapel Street, Church Court,

Church Court Car Park, Church Street, Coldingham Road, Court Wynd, Deanhead Drive,

Deanhead Road, Dow Drive, Dulse Craig, Fort Road, George Street, George Wynd, Gillsland,

Glebe Crescent, Gunsgreen Circle, Gunsgreen Crescent, Gunsgreen Park,

Gunsgreenhill Industrial Estate, Hallydown Crescent, C131 Harbour Link Road, Harbour Road,

Harbour View Road, Haymons Cove, High Street, Hinkar Way, Home Street, Houndlaw Park,

Hurkur Crescent, Industrial Estate, John's Road, Laird's Hill, Manse Road, Marine Parade,

Market Place, Nisbet Avenue, North Street, Northburn Road, Northburn View, Paxton Terrace,

Pocklaw Slap, Queen Street, Queen's Road, Renton Terrace, Sanderson Way, School Lane,

Seafield, Seafield Place, Skeldons Brae, St Clairs, St Ebba Road, St Ella's Court, St Ella's Place,

St Ella's Wynd, Stebbings Rise, The Avenue, Toll Bridge Road, Upper Houndlaw, Victoria Road,

Well Braes, Willis Way



C122 Burnmouth, C123 Burnmouth, Cowdrait, Lower Burnmouth, Ross, Upper Burnmouth,

Woodbine Grove, Woodbine Drive



A6105 in Chirnside, B6437 Allanton Road, Berwick Road, Blackadder Way, Carter's Way,

Cheviot Avenue, Crofts Court, Croftsfield, Crosshill, David Hume View, East Croftsfield,

East Croftsfield, Erskine Place, Erskine Road, Glebe Place, Greenwell Avenue, Industrial Estate,

Jim Clark Drive, Kirkgate, Lammerview, Mabons Place, Main Street East End,

Main Street West End, Market Road, Northfield Terrace, Park View, South Crofts, Swan Avenue,

The Glebe, The Loaning, Well Court, Whiteadder Way, Whitehall Close, Whitehall Road,

Windram Place, Windram Road, Windram Terrace, Windsor Locks



Cheviot Park, Kerrigan Way, A6105 Main Road, Woodlands



Back Street, C117 Paxton, Kanes Close, Main Street, Merse View, The Orchard, The Square,

U81-6 Paxton, West End



B6437 Main Street



Blackadder Drive, Main Street, The Causeway, The Row



Ainslie Terrace, Berrywell Drive, Black Bull Street, Blinkbonnie Gardens, Boston Court, Bridgend,

Briery Place, Brierybaulk, Castle Street, Cheviot Way, Clouds, Currie Street, Earlsmeadow,

Easter Street, Glebe Park, Glebe Court, Golden Square, Gourlay's Wynd, Hawthorn Bank,

Home Avenue, Industrial Estate, Langtongate, Longfield Crescent, Longfield Drive,

Longfield Road, Manse Gardens, Market Square, Millar Court, Murray Crescent, Murray Street,

New Road, Newtown Street, North Street, Preston Road, Rachel Drive, U46-6 Sinclairshill Road,

South Street, Springfield Avenue, Springfield Close, Springfield Drive, Station Avenue,

Station Court, Station Crescent, Station Drive, Station Road, Tannage Brae, Teindhillgreen,

The Crescent, The Mount, Todlaw Road, Trinity Park, Willis Wynd, Winterfield Gardens,

Church Square, Old Cheeklaw Road – Private, Gourlay's Court - private



B6355 Chirnside Road, B6355 Gifford Road, Law View, A6112 Main Road, The Anvil, The Forge



Duns Road, Gifford Road, The Row



C102 Fogo Road, Crimson Hill, Main Street, South Street, The Glebe, The Green, Wellcroft



Bank Street, Blackadder Crescent, Church Hill, Church Street, Duns Road, East High Street,

Edinburgh Road, Halliburton Road, Marchmont Crescent, Marchmont Road, Mill Wynd,

Queen's Row, Templar Court, The Avenue, The Square, Todholes, West High Street, Wester Row



Blackrig Park, East End, Eden Road, Glebe Park, Gordon Church Road, Kelso Road, Main Street,

Manse Road, Murrayfield, Station Road, Sunnybraes, The Beeches, West End



Edgar Road, U51-5 Flass Road, Houndslow Road, B6456 Main Road, Kirkpark



Berwick Road, Carters Wynd, Coldstream Road, Duns Road, Kelso Road, Main Street, The Green,




Abbey Road, Bennecourt Crescent, Bennecourt Drive, Cheviot Terrace, Cospatrick Court,

Court House Place, Douglas Court, Duke Street, Dundock Drive, Dunglass Road, Duns Road,

Gowanlea, Guards Road, High Street, Hillview, Hillview Industrial Estate, Hirsel Place, Hirsel View,

Home Place, Kelso Road, Kincham Loan, Lambton Green, Lees Mill Drive, Leet Street,

Lennel Mount, A6112 Lennel Road, Luke's Brae, Mansefield Place, Market Square, Market Street,

Montague Mews, North Mews Bennecourt Drive, Nursery Lane, Nursery Road, Park Side,

Priory Bank, Priory Hill, South Mews Bennecourt Drive, Spa Well Drive, St Brides Court,

Tweed Road, Victoria Place, Victoria Street, Woodlands Park



Church Lane, U118-5 Leitholm Mill Road, Main Street, Mansefield, Ramsay Crescent,

Cotterlea – Private, School Wynd – Private, Graden Bank – Private, C95 - B6461 to Mersington



A6112 Main Road, U120-5 Oxenrig Road



Kirkfield, Main Street, C97 School Road, Stable Park, U67-5 Lambden Road



C113 Main Street



C92 Main Street



B6355 - from southern boundary of Cranshaws to northern boundary of Cranshaws

U3-6 Cranshaws to Cranshaws Farm, Cranshaws Manse Road – Private,

Cranshaws Church Road - Private



C100 Main Road, Edrom, U38-6 from Western boundary of Edrom to C100, U40-6 Church Road




Ashwell Place, Buccleuch Terrace, Copshaw Place, Doncaster Street, Douglas Square,

Frank Coutts Court, George Street, Henry Street, Holmfoot, Houghton Park, Langholm Street,

Mid Liddle Street, Montagu Street, Moss Place, Moss Road, North Hermitage Square,

North Hermitage Street, North Liddle Street, Old Station Yard, Oliver Place, Scott Street,

South Hermitage Square, South Hermitage Street, South Liddle Street, Stopford Street,

Union Street, Walter Street, Whitchester Lane, Whitchester Street, C25 Tollbar Cottage Road,

Bowling Club Road – Private



A6088 Main Road, C27, Chesters Brae


Bonchester Bridge

Forest Court, Forest Road, Hobkirk Road, B6357 Jedburgh Road, A6088 Main Road,

The Burrows, Wauchope Road, Weens Place, Private Road to Hobsburn



A698 at western boundary of Denholm to A698 at Main Street in Denholm

Ashloaning, Bulman Lane, Canongate, Croft Field, Croft Field Court, Dene Road, Denholm Mill,

Douglas Drive, Eastgate, Jedward Terrace, Kirkside, Leyden Road, Main Street,Minto Gardens,

Minto Road, Murray Place, Ruberslaw Drive, Ruberslaw Road, Selby Close, Sunnyside,

Teviotbank Gardens, The Loaning, West End, Westgate, Westside, Whinnie Close,

Eastlea Drive – Private, Riverside Drive – Private, The Wynd – Private



Albert Road, Alemoor Court, Allars Bank, Allars Crescent, Ancrum Court, Anderson Place,

Arthur Street, Atkinson Road, Backdamgate, Backpaling Lane, Bailleul Grove, Baker Street,

Bath Street, Beaconsfield Terrace, Beaconsfield Terrace Lane, Beattie Court, Boonraw Road,

Borthaugh Road, Borthwick Court, Borthwick Road, Bothwell Court, Bourtree Place,

Bourtree Terrace, Bowden Road, Braid Road, Branxholme Road, Bright Street, Brougham Place,

Bruce Court, Buccleuch Place, Buccleuch Terrace, Burnflat Drive, Burnflat Lane, Burnflatbrae,

Burnfoot Industrial Estate, Burnfoot Road, Burnhead Road, Burns Road, Carnarvon Street,

Cavers View, Charles Street, Chay Blyth Place, Cheviot Road, Church Lane, Churchill Road,

Crailing Court, Croft Road, Cross Wynd, Crown Lane, Crumhaugh Road, Crumhaughhill Road,

Dakers Place, Dalkeith Place, Daykins Drive, Dean Road, Deloraine Court, Dickson Court,

Dickson Street, Douglas Road, Douglas Road East, Douglas Haig Court, Dovecote Mews,

Dovecote Street, Dovemount Place, Drumlanrig Mews, Drumlanrig Place, Drumlanrig Square,

Drumlanrig Court, Duke Street, Earl Street, East Stewart Place, Eastfield Road,Eildon Road,

Elm Grove, Ettrick Terrace, Fairhurst Drive, Fairneylaw Place, Fenwick Park, Fisher Avenue,

Frank Place, Fraser Avenue, Gable End Street, Galalaw Road, Garfield Street, Gladstone Street,

Glebe Mill Street, Glebe Place, Green Lane, Green Terrace, Greenheads Terrace,

Greensidehall Road, Guthrie Drive, Hamilton Road, Harden Place, Hassendean Court,

Havelock Bank, Havelock Place, Havelock Place Lane, Havelock Street, Hazelwood Court,

Hazelwood Lane, Hazelwood Road, Henderson Road, Heronhill Bank, Heronhill Crescent,

 High Street, Hillend Drive, Hislop Gardens, Howdenbank, Howegate, Howegate Service Road,

Howlands Terrace, Hugh Mcleod Place, Ivanhoe Terrace, Katherines Court, Kenilworth Avenue,

Kilnhill, Kirk Wynd, Kirkstile, Laidlaw Terrace, Laing Terrace, Landles Road, Langheugh Road, Langlands Bank, Langlands Road, Lanton Place, Leaburn Drive, Leaburn Grove, Leishman Place,

Leyden Bank, Liddesdale Crescent, Liddesdale Road, Linden Crescent, Linden Terrace, Loan,

Lochpark Industrial Estate, Lochpark Road, Lockhart Place. Lockiesedge, Longbaulk Road,

Longcroft Crescent, Longcroft Road, Longhope Drive, Lothian Street, Lovel Court,

Lower Mansfield Road, Mansfield Crescent, Mansfield Gardens,

Mansfield Gardens Industrial Estate, Mansfield Park, Mansfield Road, Mansfield Square,

Marmion Road, Mart Street, Maxton Court, Mayfield Drive, Mayfield Park, McLagan Drive,

McLaren Court, Melgund Place, Melrose Court, Mill Bank, Mill Path, Mill Port, Minto Place,

Moat Terrace, Morrison Place, Myreslaw Green, Noble Place, North Bridge Street,

Northcote Street, O'Connell Street, Old Manse Lane, Oliver Crescent, Oliver Park,

Orchard Terrace, Orrock Place, Overhall Crescent, Overhall Road, Oxnam Court, Park Grove,

Park Street, Park View, Paterson Gardens, Princes Street, Queen's Drive, Raeson Park,

Ramsay Road, Rectory Close, Renwick Terrace, Rinkvale Cottages, Roadhead, Roberton Place,

Robson Court, Rosalee Brae, Rosebank Road, Rosevale Street, Round Close, Roxburghe Drive,

Ruberslaw Road, Salisbury Avenue, Sandbed, Scott Crescent, Silver Street, Silverbuthall Road,

Slitrig Bank, Slitrig Crescent, South Bright Street, St Cuthbert's Court, St Cuthbert's Terrace,

St George's Lane, St Margaret's Drive, St Mary's Place, St Ninian's Road, Stirches Road,

Stonefield Place, Sunnyhill Road, Tannage Close, Teviot Crescent, Teviot Road, The Meadows,

The Village, Tower Knowe, Towerdykeside, Trevelyan Terrace, Trinity Street, Trystside,

Twirlees Road, Twirlees Terrace, Union Street, Victoria Road, Wallace Court, Walter's Wynd

Waverley Cottages, Waverley Terrace, Weensgate Drive, Weensland Mill, Weensland Park,

Weensland Road, Wellfield Road, Wellington Road, Wellogate Brae, Wellogate Place, West Port,

West Stewart Place, Wester Braid Road, Whitehaugh Road, Whitehaugh View, Wilson Drive,

Wilton Crescent, Wilton Dean, Wilton Glebe, Wilton Hill Terrace, Wilton Lane, Wilton Park Road,

Wilton Path, Yarrow Terrace, D24-3 Golf Course Road, Bourtree Bank – Private,

Elm Court – Private, Orchard Street – Private, Liddesdale Court – Private,

Heronhill Close – Private, Thornwood Avenue – Private, Wellfield Bank - Private

Overhall Road to Woodlands House – Private, Buccleuch Road, Buccleuch Street, Sandbed,

Albert Road, Commercial Road, Dovemount Place, Wilton Hill, A7 Wilton Hill to northern boundary of Hawick



C44 Hassendean Road, C44 Main Road




A703 Edinburgh - Peebles road, Bellfield Crescent, Bellfield Drive, Bellfield Road, Burnside,

Elibank Road, Old Edinburgh Road, Old Manse Road, Station Lye, Station Road, The Glebe,

School House Road - Private


Blyth Bridge

A701 Main Road, Blyth Farm Road, Mill Lade, Old Smiddy Drive, Old Smiddyfield Park,

Tarth Crescent



Halmyre Loan



U33-1 Cambwell Road, Carmichael Bank, Howe's Brae, A72 Main Road,

U37-1 Skirling Churchyard Road, Skirling Green, U36-1 Swedish Houses, The Limes – Private



B7016 Biggar Road, D43-1 Broughton School Road, Dreva Road, Broughton Churchyard Road,

D56-1 Broughton School Road, Hawdene, C7 Kilbucho Road, A701 Main Road, School Road,

Smithy Croft, Springwell Brae, U40-1 Broughton Churchyard Road, Woodilee, Hawdene,

C9 Dreva Road, C7 Kilbucho Road



Cardrona Way, Castle Knowe Way, Fawnburn Crescent, Govan's Way, Green Lane,

Leeburn View, Mains Farm Lane, Mains Farm Steading, Nutwood Court, Pikes Knowe Court,

Plumerknowe Gardens, Renwick Lane, St Bryde's Way, St Leonards Way, Station Court,

The Green, Wallacehill Way



Aitken Bank, Angle Park, Ballantyne Street, Bond Street, Bridgend, Buccleuch Street,

Buchan Place, Caddon Court, Chambers Street, Chambers Street East, Chapel Street,

Church Street, Craig Terrace, Damside, Drovers Way, Dyers Close, George Street, Hall Street,

High Street, Horsbrugh Street, Horsbrugh Terrace, Kirklands, Leithen Crescent, Leithen Mills,

Leithen Road, Mathieson Street, Maxwell Street, Miller Street, Millwell Park, Montgomery Square,

Montgomery Street, Morningside, Nursery Park, Park Side, Peebles Road, Pirn Crescent,

Pirn Road, Plora Avenue, Plora Crescent, Plora Terrace, Princes Street, Provost Blyth Square,

Queen Street, St Ronan's Road, St Ronan's Terrace, St Ronan's Way, Strand, Traquair Road,

Tweed View, Tweedbank Ley, Walker Street, Waverley Mills, Waverley Road, Wells Brae,

Wells View, Willow Bank, Hall Street to Football Ground – Private, Horsburgh Terrace – Private,

Waverley Place – Private, Cowford Court – Private



Caberston Avenue, Caberston Road, Galashiels Road, Hall Street, Henry Ballantyne Place,

Jubilee Lane, Jubilee Road, Park Avenue, Peebles Road, Tweedbank Court,

Tweedholm Avenue East, Tweedvale Mills West, Tweedvale Mills East



Ballantyne Place, Biggiesknowe, Bonnington Road, Bridgegate, Bridgegate Court,

Buchan Gardens, Cademuir Drive, Caledonian Road, Castlehill Courtyard, Cavalry Park,

Chambers Terrace, Cherry Court, Clark Place, Cleland Avenue, Clement Gunn Square,

Connor Place, Connor Ridge, Connor Street, Copperbeech Court, Craigerne Crescent,

Craigerne Drive, Craigerne Lane, Crookston Court, Crookston Place, Cross Road, Cross Street,

Crossburn Farm Road, Crossland Crescent, Cuddy Bridge, Cuddyside, Dalatho Crescent,

Dalatho Street, Damcroft, Damdale, Dean Park, Dovecot Court, Dovecot Lade, Dovecot Road,

Drovers Way, Dukehaugh, Eastgate, Edderston Ridge, Edderston Ridge Court,

Edderston Ridge Crescent, Edderston Ridge Gardens, Edderston Ridge Lane,

Edderston Ridge Park, Edderston Ridge View, Edderston Road, Edinburgh Road, Elcho Street,

Elcho Street Brae, Elcho Street Mews, Eliots Park, Eliots Park Farm Road, Elm Court,

Fergusson Avenue, Forest View, Frankscroft, Gallow Hill, George Place, George Street,

George Terrace, Gibson Place, Gladstone Place, Glen Crescent, Glen Road, Glensax Avenue,

Glensax Road, Graham Street, Greenside, Hamilton View, Haystoun Avenue, Haystoun Terrace,

High Street, Hydro Gardens, Innerleithen Road, Ivanhoe Road, Jubilee Park, Ker Place,

Kingsland Square, Kingsland Terrace, Kingsmeadows Gardens, Kingsmeadows Road.

Kingsmuir Crescent, Kingsmuir Drive, Kingsway, Kirkland Street, Kittlegairy Avenue,

Kittlegairy Crescent, Kittlegairy Gardens, Kittlegairy Park, Kittlegairy Place, Kittlegairy Road,

Kittlegairy View, Kittlegairy Way, Langside Drive, Loaning Crescent, Manor Way, March Street,

March Street Lane, Marmion Road, Moffats Croft, Montgomery Place, Morning Hill, Moss Park,

Murray Place, Neidpath Place, Newby Court, North Place, North Street, Northgate,

Northgate Vennel, Old Church Road, Old Town, Old Town Vennel, Port Brae,

Provost Kirkpatrick Court, Provost Melrose Place, Provost Walker Court, Rose Park,

Rosetta Place, Rosetta Road, Rowan Court, School Brae, Silverbirch Studios,

South Park Crescent, South Park Drive, South Park Industrial Estate, South Park West,

South Parks, Springhill Road, Springmount, Springwood Drive, Springwood Road,

Springwood Terrace, St Andrews Court, St Andrew's Place, St Andrew's Road, St Michael's Bank,

Standalane Terrace, Standalane View, Standalane Way, Station Bank, Station Road,

Talisman Place, The Bridges, The Loanings, The Meadows, The Mount, Thorburn Gardens,

Tweed Avenue, Tweed Bridge, Tweed Green, Tweedbrae, Tweedbridge Court, Ushers Wynd,

Venlaw Bank, Venlaw High Road, Venlaw Quarry Road, Venlaw Road, Venlaw View,

Victoria Park Drive, Violet Bank, Walkershaugh, Waverley Way, Wemyss Place,

Whitehaugh Avenue, Whitehaugh Park, Whitestone Court, Witchwood Crescent, Young Street,

Dunwhinny Gardens, Swimming Pool Road – Private



B7062 Traquair, B709 Traquair, U77-1 Traquair School Road, U75 The Glen



Allan Ramsay Square, A702 southern boundary to northern boundary Carlops


West Linton

Alice Hamilton Court, Alice Hamilton Way, Bogsbank Road, Broomlee Court, Broomlee Crescent,

Broomlee Road, Chapel Brae, Craigengar Gate, Craigengar Lane, Croft Lane, Croft Road,

Deanfoot Drive, Deanfoot Gardens, Deanfoot Road, Dryburn Brae, Dryburn Park, Fergusson View,

Golf Course Road, Howieson Place, Linton Bank Drive, Lower Green, Lyne Park, Lyne View,

Main Street, Medwyn Court, Medwyn Drive, Medwyn Park, Medwyn Road, Mowbrays Slap,

Raemartin Square, Robinsland Drive, Roderick Place, School Brae, St Andrew's Close,

St Mungo's Lea, Station Road, Tarfhaugh Brae, The Loan, The Smithy, Upper Green,

Gifford Place – Private, Blyth Square – Private, West Lynn Grove, Dolphinton Road, Carlops Road,

Edinburgh Road





B6350 Main Road, Dean Brae, Dean Road, Deanfield, C55 Kerchesters Road, School Lane,

Station Cottages - Private Road



B6461 Ednam, C46 Cliftonhill Road, Duns Road, Eden Park, Eden Road, Poppleburn Park,

Stichill Road



Abbey Court, Abbey Row, Abbey View, Abbotseat, Abbotsford Court Business Centre,

Abbotsford Grove, Albert Place, Angraflat Road, Barony Park, Berrymoss Court, Bowmont Street,

Bridge Street, Broom Loan, Broomlands, Broomlands Court, Broomlands Gardens, Broomlea,

Broomlea Court, Broompark, Bullet Loan, Capper's Court, Carlaw Road, Cheviot Court,

Coal Market, Crawford Street, Croft Road, Cross Street, Dean's Court, Douglas Crescent,

Dryinghouse Lane, Dun's Wynd, Dyers Court, East Bowmont Street, Edenside Court,

Edenside Gardens, Edenside Road, Edinburgh Road, Ednam Road, Eschiehaugh, Fairway Court,

Farrier Court, Ferniehill Court, Forestfield, Golf Course Road, Grovehill, Halliden Road,

Havannah Court, Hendersyde Avenue, Hendersyde Drive, Hendersyde Park, Hermitage Lane,

High Croft, Horsefield Court, Horsemarket, Inch Gardens, Inch Park, Inch Road,

Inchmead Crescent, Inchmead Drive, Inchmyre, James Dickson Place, James Stewart Court,

Jamieson's Entry, Jedburgh Road, Jubilee Drive, Kelso Bridge, Kings Croft, Lee Forbes Way,

Mansefield Court, Masons Court, Maxmill Park, Maxwell Lane, Maxwellheugh, Mayfield,

Mayfield Gardens, Meadow Court, Mercer's Court, Mill Wynd, Oakfield Court, Orchard Park,

Oven Wynd, Paddock Court, Peat Wynd, Pinnaclehill Farm, Pinnaclehill Industrial Estate,

Pinnaclehill Park, Plenderleith Court, Poynder Place, Prior's Court, Queen's Croft, Queen's Acre,

Railway Brae, Rennie Court, Riverside Drive, Riverside View, Rodger Fish Gardens, Rose Lane,

Rosewood Gardens, Rotary Way, Roxburgh Street, Shedden Park Road, Simon Square,

Soloman Way, Springwood Bank, Springwood Rise, Sprouston Road, Spylaw Park, Spylaw Road,

Station Road, Sutherland Gardens, Sydenham Court, Tanner's Court, Teviot Park, The Butts,

The Knowes, The Linn, The Square, The Tofts, Thomson View, Tweed Court, Tweedsyde Park,

Union Street, Waldie Griffiths Drive, Wallaceneuk, Washington Avenue, Weavers Court,

Winchester Row, Wooden Linn, Woodmarket, Woodside Gardens, Woodside Park, Gray's Close,

Chalkheugh Terrace, Abbotsford Court – Private, Henderson's Court – Private,

Woodside Drive – Private, Pipewell Place – PMH, Pinnaclehill Gardens – Private



C79 Courthill Road, Eastfield Farm Cottages, Ednam Road, Hall Road, B6364 Main Road,

U76-4 Stichill Mains Road, The Meadow



East Haugh, Eccles Road, Main Street, Treaty Park



C78 Leaderfoot Road, B6397 Main Road, Eden Road – Private



B6352 Kelso Road, Back Road, Bowmont Terrace, Braeside Road, Cheviot Place, Cheviot Road,

Deanfield Bank, Deanfield Court, Deanfield Place, Deanfield Road, Dow Brae, Grafton Bank,

Grafton Court, Grafton Road, High Street, Morebattle Road, Mount View, School Lane, The Green,

Woodbank Road, Yewtree Bank, Yewtree Lane, Yewtree Road


Kirk Yetholm

Blunty's Mill Lane, High Street, Hill View Road, Main Street, The Green, The Yett,

Old Dairy Lane - PMH





Haughhead, Heughhead, Main Street, Mainsfield Avenue, Renwick Gardens, Teapot Bank,

Teapot Street



Bowmont Court, Ladyrig View, Main Street, Sunlaws Court, Sunlaws Place



C50 Main Road, U108-4 Manse Road

U108-4 U108-4 at Western Boundary of Eckford to C50 at Eckford Village Hall

U221-4 Eckford



C47 at north-westerly boundary of Roxburgh to C47 at south-westerly boundary of Roxburgh

School Lane, Teviot Road

U99-4 at Teviot Road in Roxburgh to U99-4 at eastern boundary of Roxburgh



C52 Morridgehall Road, Grantsfield, A699 Main Street, U26-4 Maxton Church road,

C67 Fairnington Road



B6400 at western boundary of Nisbet to B6400 at southern boundary of Nisbet

C47 at easterly boundary of Nisbet to B6400 in Nisbet, West Nisbet Steading



Landene, Main Street, Myrescroft Road, North Myrescroft, South Myrescroft, The Glebe,

U68-4 C42 South Myrescroft to U69-4 at Village Green in Ancrum

U68-4 U69-4 at Village Green in Ancrum to B6400 at Village Green in Ancrum

U69-4 U68-4 at Village Green in Ancrum to B6400 at Village Green in Ancrum

West Myrescroft, Sunny Brae - Private Road



C58 Lempitlaw



U150-3 Easter Ulston Farm Cottages



Abbey Bridge End, Abbey Place, Alder Avenue, Allars Mill Road, Allerley Brae, Allerley Crescent.

Allerton Court, Athol Court, Bankend North, Bankend South, Beech Walk, Blair Avenue,

Bongate Gardens, Bongate Mill Road, Boundaries, Bountrees, Bountrees Lower, Bountrees Upper,

Brewster Place, Bridge Street, Burn Wynd, Cairnmount, Canongate, Castle Terrace, Castlegate,

Cherry Dean, Cypress Grove, Dounehill, Duck Row, Dunshill Drive, Elliot Road, Exchange Street,

Forthill Avenue, Forthill Terrace, Galahill, Grieve Avenue, Hartrigge Crescent, Hartrigge Drive,

Hartrigge Road, Headrig, High Street, Honeyfield Drive, Honeyfield Road, Howden Crescent,

Howden Drive, Howden Park, Howden Road, Howdenburn Court, Howdenburn Road,

Hume Place, Jedbank Drive, Jedbank Grove, Ladylands Drive, Lanton Road, Lothian Road,

Malestroit Court, Market Place, Meadow Street, Old Bongate, Old Bongate Mill Road,

Old Bridge End, Oxnam Road, Oxnam Road Industrial Estate, Pleasance, Prior's Court,

Prior's Meadow, Prior's Road, Queen Street, Queen's Court, Riverside Workshops, Rowan Road,

Sharplaw Road, Smith's Wynd, Somerville Way, Stonehill Place, The Anna, The Friars,

Upper Bongate Gardens, Waterside Road, Wildcat Cleuch, William's Court, Abbey Close,

Ninian Bell's Close, Darnley's Close – Private, Graham's Close – Private,

Jewellers Wynd – Private, Crown Lane, Dean's Close, Totches Baulk Road – Private,

Edinburgh Road, Bongate, Newcastle Road


St Boswells

Birley Court, Blinkbonny Cottages, Braeheads Road, Buccleuch Gardens, Capilaw Road,

Golf Course Road, Greenside Park, Hamilton Place, Inchdarnie Crescent, Jean Lawrie Court,

Jenny Moore's Court, Jenny Moore's Road, John Younger Gardens, Lessudden Park, Main Street,

Orchard Park, Peake Park, Polwarth Avenue, Southfield, Springfield Square, Springfield Terrace,

St Aidan's Park, St Cuthberts Drive, St Mary's Court, St Modan's Road, Strae Brigs, The Crescent,

The Kennels, The Stables, The Wynd, Thoartergate, Weirgate Avenue, Weirgate Brae,

Weirgate Way, William Brown Road, The Green – Private, Weirgate Bank – Private,

A68 St Boswells Green to Northern Boundary St Boswells



B6356 Bemersyde, D34-5 Bemersyde



C87 Brotherstone Road, B6356 Main Road



C38 - from southern boundary of Lanton to northern boundary of Lanton

U58-3 western boundary of Lanton to C38, U152-3 - Lanton Housing Road



C41 Main Street, Oxnam, U88-3 Oxnam Green, U91-3 - C41 Oxnam to Harden Mains



Legislation Information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

PDF icon Scottish Ministers Direction - No 2 Order.pdf