Renfrewshire Council




The Renfrewshire Council in exercise of the powers conferred on them by Section 16(A) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and of all other existing powers, with the consent of the Scottish Ministers under section 16 B(6) of the said Act, hereby make the following Order:-


1.       This Order may be cited as “The Renfrewshire Council (Various Roads, Paisley) (Temporary
            Closures) (Road Races) Order 2024” and shall come into operation at 0800 hours and will
            remain in operation under Police control until 1400 hours on Sunday, 18th August 2024.


2.       No person shall drive or cause or permit to be driven any motor vehicle (with the exception of vehicles connected with Paisley 10K Road Race and Fun Run or the associated public entertainments proposed to be operated on or near these roads.


Argyle Street, at its junction with Lady Lane

Barskiven Road (North-Eastwards Only), from Linwood Road to Ferguslie Park Avenue

Blackstoun Road, at its western junction with the roundabout at Ferguslie Park Avenue

Bridge Street, both carriageways, from Lonend to Abbey Close (to enable Fun Run to cross Bridge Street)

Canal Street, from Stow Brae to Main Road Castlehead, except for access to fire station and adjacent businesses

Causeyside Street, from Canal Street to St Mirren Street, except for access to Orchard Street

Causeyside Street (side road) from Causeyside Street to Forbes Place

Cotton Street, from Bridge Street to Gauze Street (except for Paisley Abbey church parking)

County Place, from Moss Street to Gilmour Street

Craigielea Avenue, at its junction with Ferguslie Park Avenue

Drums Avenue, at its junction with Greenhill Road

Ferguslie Park Avenue, from Greenhill Road to Barskiven Road

Forbes Place, from Causeyside Street (side road) to Causeyside Street

Gauze Street, from Mill Street to St James Bridge

George Street, from Barr Place to Tower Terrace

Gilmour Street, from Central Road to High Street (except for taxis at taxi rank)

Greenhill Road, from Underwood Road to Ferguslie Park Avenue, except for access to premises

High Street, from Gauze Street at St James Bridge, to the East side of Townhead Terrace

High Street, from Lady Lane to the East side of Townhead Terrace (except for Coats Memorial church parking and access to Townhead Terrace)

Lady Lane, from George Street to High Street

Lawn Street, from Incle Street to Gauze Street

McKenzie Street, from Greenhill Road to Drums Crescent

Moss Street, from School Wynd to Old Sneddon Street

Murray Street, from McKean Street to Greenhill Road, except for access to premises, the junction of Murray Street and Greenhill Road being closed.

New Street, from Witherspoon Street to High Street

Oakshaw Street East, from School Wynd to its western extremity

School Wynd, from Moss Street to Oakshaw Street East

Silk Street, from Lawn Street to Gauze Street

Smithhills Street, from Gauze Street to Central Road

St Mirren Street, from Causeyside Street to The Cross

Storie Street, from Witherspoon Street to High Street

Tannahill Road, from Ferguslie Park Avenue southwards for 5 metres or thereby

Underwood Road, from Caledonia Street to Kerr Street

Underwood Road, from Greenhill Road to Kerr Street, except for access to premises

Weighhouse Close, from New Street to its northern extremity

Witherspoon Street, from Storie Street to New Street

Wardrope Street, at George Street




Renfrewshire Council


(Various Roads, Paisley)

(Temporary Closures) (Road Races) Order 2024



3          Three parking bays on the south side of George Street at West Buchanan Place will be suspended to
            allow the 10k to cross the road without obstruction.


Parking will be suspended on the North side of George Street from Causeyside Street to Barr Place. 


4.         Traffic will be controlled by the police when necessary at Baronscourt Road junction with Linwood
            Road, between the approximate times of 1000 and 1100 hours, to avoid danger.  The runners should
            keep to the footway on the north side of Baronscourt Road.


Access will be maintained for Emergency Services at all times.