Perth & Kinross Council




On 9/5/24 the Council made the above Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to temporarily prohibit driving, parking and/or loading for all vehicular traffic on both sides of Mill Street, Blairgowrie from the access to the Victoria Hotel to Lower Mill Street a distance of 50 metres or thereby. The alternative route for vehicles is via:- Wellmeadow – Leslie Street – Reform Street – High Street – Allan Street – Upper Mill Street.  The current one-way orders on Upper and Lower Mill Street will be suspended for the duration of the work.  This applies on 20/5/24 for an estimated period of 1 day to permit Scottish Water sewer survey works. Should these works overrun the maximum duration in terms of this Order is 18 months. Pedestrian and emergency vehicular access to premises will be maintained.

Legislation Information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984