East Renfrewshire Council



Davieland Rd & various other roads
near Rouken Glen Park

The East Renfrewshire Council
(Davieland Road, Giffnock and various side roads)
(Temporary Restriction to Use of Road)
Order 2019

On the 10 May 2019 the Council made the above named Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 to improve safety for all road users which is significantly compromised by dangerous and inconsiderate parking taking place on Davieland Road and other roads located close to Rouken Glen Park, particularly during events or other busy periods which attract large numbers of visitor to the park.

The Order will permit parking restrictions to be implemented as and when deemed necessary (typically around junctions but also on other sections of the roads if required) and only when indicated by appropriate signage i.e. yellow ’No Waiting’ cones, on the roads specified below commencing 1 June 2019 for a maximum period of up to 18 months, as permitted by legislation.

Roads included in the Order:
Davieland Road, Treemain Road, Torrington Avenue, Milverton Road, Langtree Avenue, Norwood Drive, Lynton Avenue.

Legislation Information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 14.

PDF icon Davieland Rd, Giffnock - (Notice of Order).pdf