Dundee City Council



Tay Road Bridge

On 27/3/23 the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board made THE TAY ROAD BRIDGE (TEMPORARY 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT, PROHIBITION OF WIDE LOAD AND PROHIBITION OF DRIVING) ORDER 2024 under Section 65 of the Schedule to the Tay Road Bridge Order Confirmation Act 1991 and Section 14 (1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.  The Order will temporarily (1) close the southbound carriageway and run a contraflow on the northbound carriageway imposing a 30 mph speed limit and also prohibit wide loads exceeding 2.6m in width (not including wing mirrors) for 6 months from 3 March 2024and (2) close the Tay Road Bridge on both the northbound and southbound carriageways of the bridge between 0020 hrs and 0500 hrs on Monday 4 March for the installation of marker posts used for the contraflow.  The maximum duration of the Order is18 months. 



ROGER MENNIE, Clerk, Tay Road Bridge Joint Board