Dundee City Council



Various addresses in Broughty Ferry

On 24/3/20 the Council made the DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL (BROUGHTY FERRY FLOOD PREVENTION SCHEME) (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING) ORDER 2020 under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The Order will prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in Douglas Tce from Dundee Rd to Home St (Section 1), Douglas Tce from Home St to Westfield Rd (Section 2), James Pl from Westfield Rd to Church St (Section 3), Fisher St from Church St to Fort St (Section 4) and Fisher St from Fort St to Ambrose St (Section 5). The Order is operative for 18 months from 1/4/20 for flood prevention works, with a maximum duration of 18 months. No more than 2 sections will be closed at any time. Access to residents and businesses will be maintained where possible Alternative routes: Dundee Rd and Home St (Section 1), Home St, Dundee Rd and Westfield Rd (Section 2), Westfield Rd, King St and Church St (Section 3), Church St, King St and Fort St (Section 4) and Fort St, King St and Gray St (Section 5).

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