Aberdeen City Council



Hamilton Place, Whitehall Road, Aberdeen

Location: Hamilton Place, Whitehall Road, Aberdeen
Restriction Type: Parking Restriction
From: 25 Sep 2020 07:30
Until: 25 Sep 2020 16:00

Aberdeen City Council has made the above-named order in terms of its powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

The effect of the order, which will operate from 07:30 until 16:00 on 25 September, 2020, is to impose a temporary prohibition of waiting on either side of Hamilton Place, Aberdeen, between the east boundary of 58 to the west boundary of 64 Hamilton Place and on either side of Whitehall Road, Aberdeen, between points 30 metres south and north of is junction with Hamilton Place. The no-waiting restrictions will be demarcated by the use of no-waiting cones. Illegally parked vehicles will be removed at the owners expense. There will be four-way temporary traffic signals in operation during these works. The measure is necessary to protect public safety during ironwork renewals by Keir for Scottish Water. Any queries regarding this restriction can be directed to Sunbelt Rentals on or 01382 767951

Legislation Information

Roads Infrastructure Manager, Aberdeen City Council, Town House, Aberdeen.
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