www.tellmescotland.gov.uk is Scotland's national public information notices (PINs) portal, allowing public notices across Scotland to be published in a single online location for the first time.

It is a national initiative endorsed and supported by the Scottish Government. Visitors can click on a virtual map of Scotland to see listings of public notices in any area, satellite imagery of their location and information on the issues involved. The aim is to provide improved accessibility to enhanced statutory information. The portal is scalable for use by the wider public sector and is part of a major national shared services collaboration. Its development follows the successful roll-out of www.myjobscotland.gov.uk- (Opens in a new window), the national shared recruitment portal for Scotland.

Public information notices are announcements that local authorities are legally required to publish. There are two types of PIN. Statutory Notices give required notice of an intended action, such as road closures, construction, licensing and planning/property developments. Public Notices inform people of changes to services, such as refuse collection.

www.tellmescotland.gov.uk was developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with Scotland's local authorities to provide the following national benefits:

  • An integrated national picture of statutory and public service developments
  • More accessible public notices with enhanced information across Scotland
  • Greater interactivity between service users and suppliers locally and nationally, including consumers, businesses, councils and other public service providers

www.tellmescotland.gov.uk was delivered through a collaborative partnership under the auspices of the National Shared Services Board, led by COSLA and supported by the Scottish Government. This is a national Scottish initiative, which is endorsed and supported by the Scottish Government. The Improvement Service led the development and delivery of the portal website.

The Improvement Service (IS) is devoted to improving the efficiency, quality and accountability of public services in Scotland through learning, sharing knowledge and delivering improvement solutions.