The role of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner is to work with the road works community to oversee improvements to the planning, co-ordination and quality of works in roads in Scotland.

The functions of the Commissioner are:

  • to monitor the carrying out of works in roads in Scotland.  This covers works undertaken by both road authorities (councils for local roads and Transport Scotland for trunk roads) and utility companies);
  • to promote compliance with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991;
  • to promote good practice;    
  • to keep a register known as the Scottish Road Works Register.  This electronic system is the main tool for the planning and co-ordination of works in roads and is available to the public at  It is also the main source of information for the Commissioner ; and
  • to undertake a dispute resolution function where escalation of disputes between road authorities and utility companies occurs.

The powers of the Commissioner include:

  • requiring a roads authority or a utility company to provide information relevant to their functions and activities; and
  • acting as an independent body which can impose penalties of up to £50,000 when a systematic failure of duty occurs by either roads authorities or utility companies.

Further information on the work of the Commissioner can be found at