'All of nature for all of Scotland'. Our work is about caring for Scotland’s natural heritage, enabling people to enjoy it, helping people to understand and appreciate it, and supporting those who manage it.

Our aspiration is for the natural heritage to be used and managed sustainably.

Scotland's natural heritage is its wildlife, habitats, landscapes and natural beauty. Scotland is renowned for its attractive scenery and wild places and has a huge diversity of landscapes, habitats and wildlife. These are part of what makes Scotland special and are among the country's greatest assets.

NatureScot is a government body funded by the Scottish Government.

On tellmescotland we will publish our notices about Scotland’s protected places for nature, notably those about –

  • National nature reserves (NNR)
  • Sites of special scientific interest (SSSI) and
  • Consultations on proposed Natura sites (SAC & SPA)

Find out more at https://www.nature.scot/


NatureScot is the operating name of Scottish Natural Heritage