The Scottish Government Energy and Climate Change Directorate operate the Energy Consents Unit which deals with certain on-shore energy developments.

The Energy Consents Unit (ECU) at Scottish Government are responsible for the processing of energy applications for Scottish Ministers under The Electricity Act 1989.  These include applications for small-scale overhead lines for electricity distribution, large-scale transmission overhead lines and applications for large-scale generating stations, including wind farms. The team also deals with applications for pipelines, as well as applications to allow access to land for the construction or maintenance of these developments (wayleaves and compulsory purchase orders). These applications collectively form a crucial part of the implementation of Scottish Government Energy Policy.

In summary, the type of work conducted by the unit includes:

  • Consents for onshore electricity generating stations  (including windfarms and hydro developments) – with generation capacity above 50 MW
  • Consents for major transmission overhead lines
  • Consents and Compulsory Purchase Orders for gas pipelines
  • Consents for small-scale overhead lines for electricity distribution
  • Consents administrative support
  • Electricity Compulsory Purchase Orders and Necessary Wayleaves
  • Policy interests relating to consents procedures

We are engaging on an improvement project which aims to:

  • Improve the transparency of Ministerial decision making for the public
  • Improve service by increasing the processing capacity and efficiency of the team
  • Contribute a positive step in realising Ministerial ambitions for eplanning across Scotland

Find out more about our future planned intentions to improve our service by upgrading our systems to allow online application submission and online representation. To do so click here to go to the Energy Consents Project Pages

Alternatively email for any queries relating to our plans to improve our service.

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Please note off-shore energy consents are dealt with by Marine Scotland and details of their work can be found by clicking here to go to the Marine Scotland site

To find any case which has been referred to Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) click here to go to the DPEA site