Boundaries Scotland (formerly the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland) is an independent body which is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations for:

  • the number of councillors in each local authority;
  • the number of wards for local government elections and their boundaries; and
  • the extent of council areas.

We are an advisory Non-departmental Public Body (NDPB) which is appointed, sponsored and financed by the Scottish Government. We were established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, which also defines our constitution and procedures (in Part II and Schedules 4 and 6 of the Act).

We are only responsible for local government boundaries in Scotland: there are similar Commissions responsible for local government boundaries in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

After completing a review, we submit a report to Scottish Ministers containing our recommendations. Scottish Ministers are responsible for deciding whether and how to implement our recommendations, and submitting any necessary secondary legislation for approval by the Scottish Parliament.

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