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Approval of matters relating to planning application 1012/P/05 for the erection of 153 houses and ancillary works (grid
REF. 309090 675299)

Legislation Information

TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE) (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 2008 The location on the attached map is approximate. The application, together with the plans and other documents, may be examined at Lomond House, Beveridge Square EH54 6QF between the hours of 08.30 - 17.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.30 - 16.00 on Fridays or by clicking the link below. Comments may be made to Chris Norman, Development Management Manager at the above address, or to within 21 days from the date of this notice. Any comments you make may be publicly available as part of the planning file, which will also appear on the internet. Please note that if you have made comments on a previous application relating to this site or in response to a notice of intention to submit a planning application, those comments will not be counted as representations to this application. Persons wishing to make representations on this application should do so as set out above. View applications online
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