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The effect of this Order shall be to temporarily prohibit the use of vehicles on the length of road identified in the Schedule to this Notice during the period from 0800 hours on 6 July 2019 until 0900 hours on the same day. The temporary restriction of vehicles is considered necessary to facilitate the holding of a Public Procession in Plean, but will only have effect in relation to such part of parts of the lengths of road as are indicated by the appropriate traffic signs, or at the direction of a Police Officer in Uniform and during the periods corresponding to those lengths of road specified in the Schedule to this Notice.


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Ewan Grant

Proper Officer




Length of Road in Plean


President Kennedy Drive – from the junction of Parkside Court to the junction with Main Street.

Main Street – from the junction of President Kennedy Drive to the junction of Burnside Crescent.

Burnside Crescent – from the junction with Main Street to the junction with Carbrook Drive.

Wallace Crescent – for its entire length.

Bruce Street – for its entire length.

Carbrook Drive – from the junction of Wallace Crescent to the junction of Balfour Crescent.

Balfour Crescent – for its entire length.

Main Street – from the roundabout at the junction of Carbrook Drive to the junction of Touchhill Crescent.

Touchhill Crescent – for its entire length.


Alternative Route


Not required (rolling road closure)



Legislation Information

Stirling Council make the following, in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and of all other powers enabling them to do so.