South Lanarkshire Council



Land 46m northwest of 4 Cloverhill Gardens
Overton Avenue

Town and Country Planning (Development 

Management Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2013 

Notice of application to be published in a local newspaper under regulation 20(1) 

Due to COVID-19, applications for planning permission listed below together with the plans and other documents submitted with them can only be inspected online at . Due to the closure of Council offices, they cannot currently be inspected at the usual Q&A locations. 

If you wish to comment on any application, we would encourage you to make them by email or to submit them electronically using the comment button on Planning Portal facility at within 14 days from the date of this notice.  Only if you cannot submit comments electronically, should you make written comments to the Head of Planning and Economic Development, 1st Floor Montrose House, 154 Montrose Crescent, Hamilton, ML3 6LB. 

Please note that any comments which you make to an application cannot generally be treated as confidential. All emails or letters of objection or support for an application, including your name and address require to be open to public inspection and will be published on the Council’s website. Sensitive personal information such as signatures, email address and phone numbers will usually be removed. 


Cleland Sneddon Chief Executive 





Legislation Information


Erection of flatted residential development (18 no. units) with associated parking and landscaping

Development Contrary to Development Plan

Non notification of neighbours

Non notification of owners

Representations within 14 days