South Ayrshire Council




South Ayrshire Council

(Off-Street Parking Places for Motor Caravans)

(Charging, Controlling & Decriminalised Enforcement) Order 2023


Consideration is being given to the introduction of the above titled traffic Order. As a statutory consultee and in terms of the Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999, you are invited to make comment in advance of the publication of proposals.


If you wish to comment on the proposals outlined in the attached Summary of Proposals and associated plans I would be pleased to hear from you by Thursday 23 March 2023 otherwise I will assume you have no comments to make at this stage.


Should you require further information or clarification on any points arising from the proposals, please contact Barrie McDonnell in writing at the address below or by email to


On completion of these consultations, if the Council decides to proceed with the promotion of the permanent Order, a notice of proposals will be published locally as required by the Regulations, at which time you will have an opportunity to inspect the documents and, if necessary, lodge a formal objection.

Legislation Information

Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999

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