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(Ayrshire Roads Alliance) A Partnership between East Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Council as partner Local Authorities for the Ayrshire Local Plan District, advise The Order which comes into force on Thursday 5 May 2022 was advertised in the Carrick Gazette Post on 12 August 2020 and the effect of the Order is as stated in said notice that being to implement new speed limits on the following lengths of road:

20mph Speed Limit

A719 Turnberry Road / Kirkoswald Road: From 48 metres north of Shanter Road, southwards, south-westwards and southwards for 712 metres. Seabank View: For its entire length.

30mph Speed Limit

A719 Kirkoswald Road: From 30 metres east of Jamestown Cottage southwards for 247 metres.

A719 Turnberry Road: From 85 metres south of Baineshill Drive, southwards to 30 metres north of the entrance to Mallin Court, a distance of 115 metres.

Gateways and road markings should assist in making the speed limit self-enforcing.

Other existing 20mph speed limits on the entire lengths of Ardlochan Road: Ardlochan Terrace: Baineshill Drive: Harbour Road: and Shanter Road: have been incorporated into this Order for ease of reference with no changes made to these existing restrictions.

A copy of the Made Order with plan, together with a copy of Public Notices and Statement of Reasons are all available to view online

Kevin Braidwood 

Head of Roads 

Ayrshire Roads Alliance 

Opera House 

8 John Finnie Street 


KA1 1DD 

Legislation Information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, and of all other enabling powers.

PDF icon TRO 308 Various Roads, Maidens Notice of Making.docx.pdf PDF icon Maidens Notice of Proposals Readvertisement.pdf PDF icon TRO 308 Various Roads, Maidens Statement of Reasons.pdf PDF icon OLD Primary School 20mph ORDER.pdf PDF icon Various Roads, Maidens 20mph & 30mph Traffic Order 308.docx.pdf