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This application, together with the plans and other documents submitted with it may be examined at the Moray Council’s Access Point, Council Offices, Elgin during normal office hours, 08.45 – 17.00, Monday – Friday or may be viewed online at using the planning reference number. The application is being advertised under one or more of the following: TOWN & COUNTRY PLANNING (DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE) (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 2008 (A) REGULATION 20 (1) (a) - Neighbour notification – not possible to carry out notification, no premises on neighbouring land (B) REGULATION 20 (1) (b) – applicant not able to notify all owners or agricultural tenants (C) REGULATION 20 (1) (c) – Proposal for one or more classes of development specified in Schedule 3 (D) REGULATION 20 (1) (d) – Application does not accord with the development plan (E) PLANNING (LISTED BUILDINGS AND CONSERVATION AREAS) (SCOTLAND) ACT 1997 and THE TOWN & COUNTRY PLANNING (LISTED BUILDINGS & BUILDINGS IN CONSERVATION AREAS)(SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 1987 (F) THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 1999 NOTICE UNDER REGULATION 13 (amended) (G) THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (SCOTLAND) REGULATIONS 1999 NOTICE UNDER REGULATION 21 (amended) Proposals may be classed as national or major developments for planning purposes and whilst you may previously have made comments to the applicant prior to the application being made, persons wishing to make representations in respect of the planning application(s) should do so to the planning authority in the manner indicated. All representations should be made in writing within 21 days from the date of publication of this notice, or 28 days (F), and addressed to the Planning & Economic Development Manager, Environmental Services, Council Office, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX, or emailed to, or submitted online at using the planning reference number. Information on the application, including representations will be published online. Visit other links suggested by The Moray Council (opens new window): Moray Council website
The full application can be viewed on our on-line Planning system