Midlothian Council



High Street
Eskbank Road
EH22 1JB

Midlothian Council have made the above Order under Section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended. The Order, will come into force at 12:30pm on Saturday 3rd August 2019 and is expected to remain in effect until 1:00pm. However once the participants of the event have passed through the road closures, the roads will be re-opened. The closure is required to facilitate the holding of a relevant event, being the Dalkeith Festival Parade.


When the Order comes into effect no person shall drive, or cause, or permit to be driven any vehicle along:



  1. High Street, Dalkeith : from Dalkeith Country Park (Towngate Entrance) to junction with Buccleuch Street / Old Edinburgh Road / Eskbankk Road

  2. Eskbank Road, Dalkeith : junction with Buccleuch Street / Old Edinburgh Road / High Street to entrance to Kings Park (public park)


The roads are being closed for road safety reasons.

The road closures will be indicated by appropriate traffic signs or under the instruction of a police officer in uniform.

During the event, local access will be retained for residents along the affected routes.

Emergency vehicles attending an emergency call are exempt from this order.

No alternative route signing will be provided during these road closures.


Legislation Information

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Section 16A

PDF icon dalkeith festival parade 3 August 2019.pdf