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Eldin Industrial Estate
Edgefield Road

Change of use of land to waste transfer site; and erection of associated plant and machinery. Reason(s) for advertisement: Neighbour Notification and Development under Schedule 3 of the Development Management Procedure (Scotland) Regulations 2013

Legislation Information

This application, alongside the plans and other documents submitted with it may be examined at the Midlothian Council Website, at Fairfield House, 8 Lothian Road, Dalkeith, and in all Midlothian local libraries. Written comments should be submitted to the Development Management Manager, Corporate Resources, Fairfield House, 8 Lothian Road, Dalkeith EH22 3ZN, or via the Midlothian Council website by the dates specified. Representations must be made as described here, even if you have made comment to the applicant prior to the application being made.

The full application can be viewed on our on-line Planning system