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East Dunbartonshire Council Local Transport Strategy Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 Environmental Report Notification Under Section 16(2)

The Local Transport Strategy has been the subject of the SEA process. This is a systematic process for considering the likely significant environmental impacts of the options and proposals within the Strategy. The findings of the SEA are set out within the corresponding Environmental Report. It is a legislative requirement to prepare this report in accordance with Section 14 of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.

The Local Transport Strategy along with the corresponding SEA Environmental Report can be viewed online at or in person during normal office hours at Council libraries and Hubs, and within the Land Planning and Development Offices at Broomhill Industrial Estate, Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch, G66 1TP.

The formal period for viewing and commenting on the Strategy and SEA Environmental Report is from Tuesday 17 September – Tuesday 12 November

Comments on the Framework and the SEA Environmental Report should be submitted by emailing or by post using the address stated above.

Legislation Information

Section 14 of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.