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Format: App No; Address/location; Proposal; Type of advert; Period of reps.
TP/ED/22/0217; Glazert Water, Glen Road, Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire; River Restoration of the Glazert Water at 3 reaches from the Oval to Station Rd, Lennoxtown. Proposals are to re-profile banking, access and interpretation improvements. Removal of weir and bank protection. Wooded debris installation along with tree removal and planting. Habitat creation and improvements.; Regulation 20 (1) - Departs; 21 Days

The application plans and other documents can be viewed online through the Council's website. The current restrictions on non-essential office work associated with the Coronavirus pandemic means that plans cannot be viewed in Council offices as normal.

Written comments may be made within the above period to the Council through the Council's website or to the above address. Any representations will be treated as public documents and made available for inspection by interested parties and may also be published on the Council's website.



Legislation Information

Regulation 20 (1) - Departs; 21 Days