Dundee City Council



Lochee Area

On 10/10/23 the Council made the DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL (LOCHEE AREA, DUNDEE) (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING) ORDER 2023 under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.  The Order will prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in (1) Cedarwood Dr between Cedarwood Cl and Cedarwood Dr, (2) Harefield Rd eastbound between the entrance to Stack Retail Park and opposite Marchbanks depot, (3) Harefield Rd westbound between Marchbanks depot and Stack Retail Park, (4) Methven St between Methven St and Camperdown St, (5) Camperdown St for its entire length, (6) Burnside St (Phase 1) between Camperdown St and Gray’s Ln, (7) Burnside St (Phase 2) between Gray’s Ln and Burnside Walk and (8) Gray’s Ln between Burnside St and Whorterbank.  The Order is operative for 8 weeks from 16/10/23 for SSEN cable renewal works, with a maximum duration of 18 months.  Roads may not be closed consecutively and more than one could be closed at any time.  Alternative routes: (1) Cedarwood Cl and Cedarwood Dr, (2) Harefield Rd, A923 Coupar Angus Rd, Coupar Angus flyover, Coupar Angus off slip, A90 Kingsway, Clepington on slip, Clepington flyover and Kings Cross Rd, (3) Kings Cross Rd, Clepington off slip, A90 Kingsway, Coupar Angus on slip, A923 Coupar Angus Rd and Harefield Rd, (4) no diversion available, (5) northbound via Burnside St, High St, Nicolls Ln, Tofthill, Bright St and Methven St and southbound via Methven St, High St, A923 Coupar Angus Rd, Bank St and Burnside St (6) eastbound via Burnside St, High St and Gray’s Ln and westbound via Gray’s Ln, A923 Coupar Angus Rd, Bank St and Burnside St, (7) no diversion available and (8) northbound via Burnside St and High St and southbound via A923 Coupar Angus Rd, Bank St and Burnside St.

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