Dundee City Council



Rankine Street to South Ward Road

On 8/6/21 the Council made the DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL (RANKINE STREET TO SOUTH WARD RD, DUNDEE) (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING) ORDER 2021 under Section 14(1) of the Rd Traffic Regulation Act 1984.  The Order will prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in (1) Rankine St between Inverary Tce and Lochee Rd, (2) Lochee Rd between Cleghorn St and Tullideph Rd (north and southbound), (3) Cleghorn St between Benvie Rd and Lochee Rd, (4) Polepark Rd between Lochee Rd and Brewery Ln, (5) Brewery Ln between Polepark Rd and Lower Pleasance, (6) Horse Water Wynd southbound between Guthrie St and Hawkhill, (7) Session St between Hawkhill and Guthrie St, (8) Brown St prohibition of left turn from Hawkhill, (9) Brown St prohibition of left turn into Hawkhill, (10) West Marketgait northbound between Hawkhill and Ward Rd, (11) West Marketgait southbound between South Ward Rd and Argyllgait, (12) Argyllgait between West Marketgait and South Ward Rd, (13) South Ward between Argyllgait and North Lindsay St and (14) South Ward Rd between North Lindsay St and Barrack St.  The Order is operative for 7 weeks from 15/6/21 for City Fibre cable installation works, with a maximum duration of 18 months.  Closures will not run as listed above and some closures may run concurrently.  The one-way Order relating to South ward Rd between North Lindsay St and Barrack St will be revoked for the duration of this Order.  Alternative routes: (1) Inverary Tce/Albany Tce/Drummond St/Dudhope Tce, (2) Northbound: Rankine St/Gardner St/Loons Rd/High St, Lochee/Logie St/Lochee Rd and Southbound: Tullideph Rd/City Rd/Milnbank Rd/Polepark Rd, (3) Lochee Rd/Tullideph Rd/City Rd/Cleghorn St, (4) Lochee Rd/Tullideph Rd/City Rd/Milnbank Rd, (5) Brook St/Guthrie St/Blinshall St/Douglas St/Ash St/Brewery Ln, (6) Guthrie St/Brown St/Hawkhill (eastbound)/West Port Roundabout/Hawkhill (westbound), (7) Hawkhill/Brown St/Guthrie St, (8) Session St/Guthrie St/Brown St, (9) Brown St/Guthrie St/Session St, (10) West Marketgait/South Marketgait/Thomson Avenue/South Marketgait/East Marketgait/North Marketgait, (11) North Marketgait/East Marketgait/South Marketgait/South Commercial St/Riverside Esplanade/South Union St/South Marketgait/West Matketgait, (12) West Marketgait (northbound)/Dudhope Roundabout/West Marketgait (southbound)/West Bell St/Courthouse Square/North Lindsay St, (13) West Marketgait (northbound)/Dudhope Roundabout/West Marketgait (southbound)/West Bell St/Courthouse Square/North Lindsay St and (14) Barrack St/Ward Rd/North Lindsay St.

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