Dundee City Council



Pitkerror Drive and Honeygreen Road

On 5/11/19 the Council made the DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL (PITKERRO DRIVE AND HONEYGREEN ROAD, DUNDEE) (TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING) ORDER 2019 under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The Order will prohibit temporarily all vehicular traffic in Pitkerro Dr between Fountainbleau Dr and Glenconnor Dr (Phase 1), Honeygreen Rd Roundabout between Pitkerro Dr and Glenconnor Dr (Phase 2) and Honeygreen Rd between Honeygreen Rd Roundabout and supermarket entrance (Phase 3). The Order is operative for 12 weeks from 11/11/19 for SGN gas mains renewal works, with a maximum duration of 18 months. Phases will run consecutively. Restrictions will be lifted during Christmas holidays. Alternative routes: Fountainbleau Dr, Pitkerro Rd and Glenconnor Dr (Phase 1), Pitkerro Dr, Fountainbleau Dr, Pitkerro Rd and Glenconner Dr (Phase 2) and Pitkerro Dr, Fountainbleau Dr and Honeygreen Rd (Phase 3).

Head of Democratic and Legal Services