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17th October 2013

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Community Council Elections

04th October 2013

There are various Community Council elections taking place across Scotland and you can read all about them here on tellmescotland. The City of Edinburgh Council, Falkirk Council and West Lothian...

West Lothian Community Council Elections - Nominations Closing Soon!

12th September 2013

The 4-yearly West Lothian community council elections are due to take place in October and arrangements to elect up to 400 community councillors are now underway. The closing date for nominations is...

Highland Council now live with Planning notices!

22nd August 2013

HIghland Council are now publishing their Planning notices on tellmescotland. Click here to see these notices now. Remember you can register to be alerted by SMS or email whenever a Highland Council...

Tickets for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games on sale on Monday 19th August!

16th August 2013

On Monday 19 August, tickets to Scotland's largest ever sporting and cultural event will go on sale. Team Scotland and seventy other nations and territories, including Jamaica, Australia, South...

Scottish Borders Council's Licensing notices are now on tellmescotland!

19th July 2013

Scottish Borders Council are now uploading their Licensing notices to tellmescotland - www.tellmescotland.gov.uk/notices/scottish-borders/licensing/ You can sign up to receive text or email alerts to...